12 of the Best Mason Jar Accessories for Your Kitchen on Amazon

April 15, 2019

12 of the Best Mason Jar Accessories for Your Kitchen on Amazon

You know we love to make life in the kitchen easier and one way to do that is to put the ubiquitous glass mason jar to good use.  There are so many amazing attachments that expand the usefulness of mason jars.  We just had to share some of our favorites.

These are easily my favorite mason jar lids.  They come in bright colors with both regular mouth and wide mouth sizes so I always have one available when I need one.
This mini mandoline will make slicing a breeze and you can do it straight into a mason jar. Whether you’re preserving vegetables, meal prepping for the week, or you just need to quickly slice up some veggies for dinner, this mandoline gets the job done.
If you are a honey lover you know that a good honey stick is a necessity.  This one makes serving your honey both stress and mess free as it allows you to store the dipper inside the jar—without any worries that it’ll fall too far into the honey!
If you need to mix up a protein shake or take a mason jar on the go this flip top will get you there. With a tight, leak proof seal, you can trust that any of your hard-to-transport food items will be well taken care of by this guy.
This uniquely designed gadget is seriously from the future. With four simple settings on the lid, this combined salt and pepper shaker allows you to dispense just salt, just pepper, or the perfect ratio of both at once! You can also seal it shut so that the contents stay fresh.
Just like the mandoline lid above, this wedge/spear slicer makes meal prep and preserving as easy as pie. This slicer is great for making uniformly sliced cuts so that your fruits and veggies can be prepared to perfection.
Whether you’re going for an elegant, classy look or a more boho-chic vibe, these mason jar soap dispensers are a must. Not only are they a great alternative to the usual one-time-use plastic soap bottles, they seriously elevate the look of any bathroom or kitchen.
If you’re a drinks person, this item is for you. This filter kit allows you to easily make and drink your own homemade coffee, fruit infused water, loose leaf tea, nut milks, and cold pressed juices all within one mason jar.
This simple citrus juicer lid makes using those lemons life gave you that much easier to make lemonade with. It has a nifty built-in filtration system to keep out any unwanted bits of pulp and it’s much more convenient to us than a clunky electric juicer.
If you’re looking for a uniform way to organize your spice cabinet, give these a try. Although they are versatile in their use (rainbow sprinkles need a shaker too) they work great in dispensing the perfect amount of whatever spice I need.
Have you ever added salad dressing to a salad too early causing it to become soggy? This product allows you to create an air-tight compartment at the top of the mason jar so that you can separate your dressing from your salad until the optimal moment. With a versatile array of uses, not only is this mason jar adapter great for you, but your kids will also love using it in their school lunches.
Fresh cucumber and melon infused water saves me on those hot summer days. Whatever your favorite herbs and fruits are to infuse with your water, this simple jar attachment will make the job a lot easier and help you feel a little fancier as you sip.


And last, but certainly not least, we couldn’t compile a list of the best mason jar attachments without including our favorite accessory of them all, the Ergo Spout™. With its completely unique design and ergonomic shape, this little gadget makes pouring anything out of a mason jar drama free. 



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