Ergo Spout: The Early Prototypes

January 15, 2018

Ergo Spout: The Early Prototypes

The idea for a spout and handle for Mason jars stayed in my head for years.  Bryce and I talked off on on about the possibility of creating one, but it was always a dream.  Something we would do in the future.

Bryce finally got sick of all the talking and took the idea to a designer in January of 2017.  He helped us create our first 3D printed prototypes.  While those first versions weren't perfect (and some were even a bit quirky) it was so amazing to be able to hold my idea in my hands.

It took a lot of different iterations and little by little we changed the design.  The focus was always something that was comfortable and ergonomic (hence the name Ergo Spout).  We also needed it to fit on the different sizes of Mason jars--pint, quart and half gallon.  It needed to be hefty enough for the large jars without dominating the smaller.  Also, it had to allow enough hand space for the big jars and still look balanced on those small ones.

After a number of efforts we finally came up with something that works.  However, the lid would still take some work.

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