Let's Talk About the Wide Mouth Version

July 18, 2018

Let's Talk About the Wide Mouth Version

I have some great news.  The Kickstarter campaign has been going so well, and there has been so much interest in the Wide Mouth version, we have decided the best way to bring you Wide Mouth Ergo Spout is through a second Kickstarter campaign!

Since the Wide Mouth Spout is not ready for manufacturing in the same way the Regular Mouth Spout  is, it will take a bit of time.  We still need to do the design, engineering and prototyping.  This process is likely to take a minimum of six extra months.  (We spent 18 months developing the Regular Mouth before the Kickstarter launch).  

Thanks again for all your support and pledges.  We are excited to get you the Regular Mouth Ergo Spout and begin planning for the Wide Mouth version as well.

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