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Fruit Fly Funnel for Mason Jars

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Do you love mason jars but hate fruit flies?

The Culinesco® Fruit Fly Funnel is the easiest way to lure fruit flies away from fruit and into your favorite mason jar!

The Fruit Fly Funnel is a conical shaped mason jar lid with a hole in the bottom that fits into a regular mouth mason jar and is held in place with any band.  

Easily lure Fruit Flies into a Mason Jar
  • Place bait in the jar, such as apple cider vinegar or fruit in the mason jar
  • Place the Fruit Fly Funnel on the jar
  • Secure with regular meal band
  • Place jar near fruit fly hangout spots
  • Watch your fruit flies disappear!
Product Information
  • Fits regular mouth mason jars
  • Bait, band and jar not included.
  • Dishwasher safe

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