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Your Mason Jars Will Never Be The Same!

Your kitchen is one of the most cherished rooms in a home because it’s where you gather and share a meal and eat (our favorite part). So it is important to have the latest kitchen accessories to make cooking and entertaining in the heart of the home easy.

Here at Culinesco, we put a new twist on the ordinary use of mason jars, with our mason jar spouts and accessories, such as the world's first ergonomic spout and handle for mason jars—the Ergo Spout! Serve breakfast in style when you use our mason jar lids as the perfect syrup dispenser.

Shop our website to learn how our mason jar spouts and accessories can enhance your kitchen and help you pour from a mason jar without the mess!

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Which Ergo Spout® Is Right for You?

Here at Culinesco, we have designed 3 different Mason Jar spouts that each perform a different function in the kitchen:

Find out which is right for you over on our blog where were break down how to use them and what they are good for.

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The Ergo Spout® is perfect for serving anything from a jar

The Ergo Spout® is a fantastic tool for serving syrups and salad dressing straight from a mason jar.

It has the most comfortable handle of any mason jar spout on the market.

You can control and stop the flow of liquid with our flip top cover.

It's easy to pour from different size jars.

Plus it comes in 3 beautifully bright colors.

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