Getting Started with Your Ergo Spout® REGULAR

Getting Started with Your Ergo Spout® REGULAR

August 05, 2019

Getting Started with Your Ergo Spout® REGULAR

Welcome to the Culinesco® family! We are excited to have you join our community of mason jar enthusiasts. The Ergo Spout® REGULAR allows you to turn your glass mason jars into the ideal serving piece.

From dressings, to syrups, to beverages and more, the Ergo Spout® REGULAR has so many uses.  It's soon to be your favorite piece of multipurpose kitchenware!  Follow these simple guidelines to bring your mason jar collection to life, impress your guests, and keep your Ergo Spout® REGULAR in tip-top shape for years to come.

The Parts of your Ergo Spout® REGULAR

Each Ergo Spout® REGULAR is comprised of three primary parts:

  • BASE.  The base includes the handle and the spout. The ergonomic handle is molded with a rubberized, no-slip grip for a comfortable and positive experience every time you use it. The easy pour spout is designed to reduce dripping and dribbling.  Contents stay on your dinnerware while your dinner guests stay happy.
  • LID, The flip-top lid includes an easy to reach thumb tab for secure, one-handed manipulation.
  • GASKET.  Each spout includes a gasket that creates a complete seal to prevent contents from leaking through the threads and down the jar while pouring.



Take Apart Your Ergo Spout® REGULAR

Your Ergo Spout® REGULAR comes preassembled, but we encourage you to get familiar with it before it becomes your favorite serving piece. Most people like to clean new kitchen utensils before their first use, so we made sure taking apart the Ergo Spout® REGULAR is as easy as possible. We occasionally receive questions about removing the lid from the base, which can be surprisingly snug at first.

The tight tolerances with which the Ergo Spout® REGULAR is constructed ensures your spout will last many years of regular use.  It also means separating the lid from the base may be a little tricky the first few times.

To remove the lid, start by pressing the nubs under the handle to release it.  Next, pull the lid from the base keeping the direction of the force parallel to the floor.  See the the video below for a demonstration. Furthermore, the removable gasket allows for a more thorough cleaning within the threaded base.

Assemble your Ergo Spout® REGULAR

Reassembling your Ergo Spout® REGULAR is every bit as easy as taking it apart and can be completed in seconds.  To begin, reinsert the lid by lining up the nubs into the slot of the base before snapping it in.  Next, ensure the gasket is seated properly within the inner rim of the spout.  Finally, spin the Ergo Spout® REGULAR onto a mason jar to firmly seat and seal it.  Like we said, it’s really easy!

Use your Ergo Spout® REGULAR

As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life.  With dozens of companies manufacturing their own version of a mason jar, it can be difficult to know which jars your Ergo Spout® will fit.  Lucky for you, we have that covered!  No matter what date stamp, manufacturer, color, or shape your mason jar has, you can trust your Ergo Spout® will properly fit it so long as the jar has the standard regular mouth size (or 2.75" in diameter).  The universal fit to any regular mouth mason jar means there are no limits to the number of ways you can use your Ergo Spout®!

Wash your Ergo Spout® REGULAR

You’ll need to know how to wash your Ergo Spout® before refilling your mason jars with new condiments or beverages.  Once again, we’ve made it as easy as 1-2-3!  Simply unscrew the spout from the jar, remove the lid and gasket from the base, and toss them onto the top rack of the dishwasher.  You can also wash them with standard dish detergents.  It can’t get any easier than that!  Each Ergo Spout® is constructed of 100% phthalates and BPA-free plastic, so it’s rust-free and safe for use throughout your household.

Care for your Ergo Spout® REGULAR

You want your kitchenware to last a lifetime, and so do we.  That’s why we designed the Ergo Spout® REGULAR to be simple, robust, and crafted with the most advanced polypropylene materials available.  Our versatile spouts are manufactured to be as tough and timeless as the mason jars you’ll pair with them.

Have no fear about use and storage!  Your Ergo Spout® REGULAR is safe for use in microwaves and, though not intended for use with hot oil, can be heated to temperatures below 220˚F.  What’s more, the Ergo Spout® REGULAR can be stored in refrigerators for extended periods.  Just remember to remove any oil residues from the flip-top lid before storing.

We Hope You Love Your Ergo Spout® REGULAR

The Ergo Spout® REGULAR  is specifically designed to withstand the rigors of a busy kitchen and active lifestyle.  It's easy to use and keeps hands-on cleaning and maintenance to a minimum. If you want to turn your mason jar collection into a classy, comfortable, and convenient serving system, then you need the Ergo Spout® REGULAR!

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