How to Make Freezer Jam with Silicone Jars

How to Make Freezer Jam with Silicone Jars

February 10, 2023

How to Make Freezer Jam with Silicone Jars

Freezer jam is a simple way to enjoy homemade jam any time of the year. It’s especially easy with the proper tools. Here’s how to make freezer jam using our silicone freezer jars.

What is Freezer Jam?

Freezer jam is essentially the same as regular jam, there’s just one major difference: how it’s stored. Instead of storing it by way of the traditional water bath canning method, you skip the sterilization process and store it in the freezer. The freezer is also an important tool in freezer jam as it sets the jam, giving it its gel-like texture. 

Strawberry freezer jam in silicone jars

Why Make Freezer Jam? 

There are dozens of reasons to make jam, but here’s why you should make freezer jam specifically:

  •  It’s easy: Making freezer jam is much easier than making it the traditional way. Canning can be difficult (and sometimes dangerous), and requires lots of careful steps. It takes a very long time and requires sealing jars in a water bath. The freezer can eliminate about 24 hours of work. 
  • No acidity: Traditional jam recipes call for some sort of acid, like lemon juice or pectin. With freezer jam, you don’t have to add those ingredients. And the fewer ingredients the better. 
  • No glass jars: While you can use glass jars or plastic containers to make freezer jam, you don’t have to. Our silicone freezer jars are the perfect way to store freezer jam because they won't crack or break with the cold temperatures. 

How to Make Freezer Jam

Making freezer jam is simple. Here’s how:

  1. Follow your favorite jam recipe (we’re partial to strawberry).  The simplest jam recipes are just fruit and sugar.
  2. Ladle the jam into silicone freezer jars, leaving about half an inch of space at the top to allow for the jam to expand in the freezer. 
  3. Seal your jar and place it in the freezer. 
  4. Keep it in the freezer for up to 1 year. 
Strawberry jam in a silicone freezer jar.

How to Thicken Freezer Jam

Freezer jam will thicken as it sets in the freezer, but if it’s runny when it thaws, or if it’s too runny before you put it in the freezer, there are a couple ways to thicken it:

  •  Heat it up: Put the jam in a saucepan and back over medium-low heat. Stir it until it reaches the desired consistency.  The heat will evaporate some of the water which thickens the jam.
  • Add pectin: Part of the reason pectin is called for in traditional canning recipes is because it’s a thickening agent. Adding a bit to your freezer jam will give it a thicker consistency.

Make sure you follow your jam recipe carefully as there should be steps included to ensure it reaches a good thickness. 

Can Freezer Jam be Made with Frozen Fruit?

You can absolutely use frozen fruit for freezer jam. Most recipes call for mashed or finely chopped fruit, though, so you may want to thaw it before starting your jam. 

Strawberry freezer jam in silicone jars with biscuits on the side.

How to Thaw Freezer Jam

Thaw freezer jam just as you would any other type of jam:

  • In the fridge: Put your silicone freezer jar of freezer jam in the fridge overnight and wake up to thawed jam. 
  • In a water bath: If you need jam in a hurry, thaw it in a water bath. Fill a bowl with hot water and let your jam soak until thawed. It should thaw more quickly in your silicone freezer jar than a glass jar. 

Kinds of Freezer Jam

There are dozens of types fruit that you can use to make freezer jam. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Strawberry
  • Triple berry
  • Peach
  • Strawberry rhubarb
  • Blackberry
  • Blueberry
  • Raspberry
  • Grape

The sky is the limit with freezer jam flavors. To make your favorite flavor with a silicone jar, shop here.

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