How to Freeze Chicken Noodle Soup

How to Freeze Chicken Noodle Soup

January 11, 2023

How to Freeze Chicken Noodle Soup

Winter is the middle of chicken noodle soup season, and if you’ve made your favorite cold-weather food even once, you know it’s easy to go overboard and end up with a far bigger batch than you anticipated. If this is the case, one simple solution is to freeze your soup.  You will love having some on hand for night when you want to warm up with a cozy soup.

Freezing chicken noodle soup is easy, and made even easier with our Silicone Freezer Jars, but there are some important steps to follow that’ll make the process even more of a dream. Let’s discuss:


The key to successfully freezing soup is thinking about how you want to serve it. Are you freezing it to later serve to a large group of people, or are you freezing it to have a serving or two of delicious soup on a cold night within a moment’s notice? We’re guessing it’s the latter. 

Make serving yourself a cup of soup easier by freezing your soup in single-serving portions. Carefully mete out the portions you want and pour them into your freezer safe containers, like one of our Silicone Freezer Jars. This will make defrosting and reheating much easier, and it’ll keep your fridge more organized and give you more space. Plus, it’ll save you from defrosting and refreezing your soup more than once, keeping it in better condition. 

More chicken noodle soup in a silicone freezer jar with a different angle of the soup in a bowl.


Before you freeze your chicken noodle soup, consider the contents of your batch. If you like a true chicken noodle soup - containing noodles - think twice before freezing the noodles in your soup. Noodles naturally soak up moisture, and when they thaw, their texture is soft and crumbly.

To avoid noodles with a bad texture, freeze your soup without noodles. Make the batch just as you would, but omit the noodles and prepare fresh ones whenever you defrost your servings. 


Make sure you’re also using the proper containers for freezing chicken soup. Don’t boil a batch and stick the entire pot in the freezer. Instead, use freezer-safe containers that can safely expand in the ice box, keep odors out, keep the right portion size, and are easy to stack. Good freezer-safe containers include:

  • Freezer-safe glass containers with lids
  • Quart-sized plastic baggies
  • Freezer-safe plastic containers with lids
  • Silicone freezer jars

Each of those containers will work well, but our favorite to use is our Silicone Freezer Jars. These jars are the perfect serving size for soup, won’t break in the freezer, keep odors away from your food, and come with a lid. They keep foods fresh and won’t spill a drop of your liquid gold chicken noodle soup. 

Defrosting and Reheating

Defrosting and reheating chicken noodle soup is easy, especially when you use a Silicone Freezer Jar. Simply grab a serving of your soup and put it in the refrigerator overnight, or place it in a bowl of hot water for a couple of hours. 

Once the soup has thawed, place it in a saucepan and reheat it over the stovetop. Get it boiling and add your noodles for a tasty serving of chicken noodle soup!

Shop our Silicone Freezer Jars here and enjoy chicken noodle soup all winter long. 

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