11 Ways to Use Mason Jars in Your Wedding

11 Ways to Use Mason Jars in Your Wedding

March 12, 2022

11 Ways to Use Mason Jars in Your Wedding

Rustic, quirky and eye-catching, mason jars are the perfect addition to your wedding. As with cooking and household tasks, mason jars can be used in any number of ways to celebrate your big day. From décor, drinks and even food service, these eco-friendly vessels never disappoint.

Mason jar with flowers hanging from chair

Mason jars come in all shapes and sizes which can be used to accent your wedding theme. Short, tall, skinny, patterned or just with the plain mason logo - there is something for all. While mason jars are stunning on their own, they can be dressed up and taken to even greater heights. For example, you could add twine, lace or even spray paint the jar's exterior to match your wedding theme.


1.   Flower Arrangements

Mason jars can add to the unforgettable and dreamy look and feel of any wedding. The most obvious use is that of a vase. A carefully designed flower arrangement in a mason jar can make the perfect centerpiece for the bridal table as well as the guests’ tables.

Mason jar with flowers

2.   Place Cards

The mini four ounce mason jars can be used to create unique place cards. For example, you could place the head of a rose into a mini mason jar with the name card wedged into the petals. Better still, the guests can keep their mason jars as a handy keepsake.

Mason jar with thank you note on place setting

3.   Guest Favors

On that note, mason jars can be used to house or present the gifts for your guests. Whether it's a little scroll of paper with a thank you note and a chocolate or a small cactus for them to plant at home - the mason jar can be a fun way to thank guests. Plus they can repurpose the jars at home!

Succulents in mason jar

4.   Lighting

The wedding décor ideas with mason jars don’t stop there! Mason jars can be used in the lighting scheme as well.  Filled with water they make the perfect vessel for tea candles, alternatively they can be strung from cables to create lanterns.

Candles in mason jars handing from string


5.   Cocktails

From welcome cocktails to table drinks, the mason jar is a fun and sturdy glass for your wedding guests to use. Colorful, layered cocktails look particularly attractive in mason jars, especially when they are garnished with flowers, fruit and funky straws.

Mojito cocktail in mason jar with handle

6.   Other Beverages

The large mason jars can also be used to hold a generous helping of beer, or stacked alongside pitchers of drinking water for the guests to serve themselves.  For the braver guests, the small four ounce jars can be used as shot glasses!

Mason jars with bows and straws


7.   Hors d’oevres

Food can be presented in just about any kind of mason jar so you can really be creative here! Hors d'oeuvres can be served in the smaller jars while larger portions of salads, noodles, soups, desserts or mousses can be served in the bigger jars.

Small mason jars with salads and forks

8.   Layered Dishes

As with the colorful cocktails, mason jars are best used to show off fancy food with layers, such as a parfait.

Layered peach parfait in mason jar

9.   Stacked Snacks

But why serve food in a jar instead of a normal plate, you may ask? Mason jars allow you to create sturdy stacked pyramids which is particularly useful if you are serving your wedding food in a buffet or harvest table style.

Stacks of mason jars with food on elegant display

10.  Condiments and Sauces

Mason jars are also useful for serving condiments and sauces at your wedding.   You can use smaller jars with spoons or for sauces and salad dressings pour straight from a mason jar using our Ergo Spout® or Ergo Spout® Mini

condiments in mason jars with spoons

 The uses for mason jars in your wedding are endless and we cannot wait to see how you use them on your special day!

centerpiece with mason jar and flowers and mason jar with Ergo Spout® and small candies


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