Apple Cinnamon Syrup In A Mason Jar

Apple Cinnamon Syrup In A Mason Jar

November 22, 2021

Apple Cinnamon Syrup In A Mason Jar

Apple cinnamon syrup is a delicious way to add the flavors of fall to your breakfast table or spice up some hot chocolate.


The ingredients of apple cinnamon syrup are simple.  You may even have them in your pantry.  If not, snag them at the grocery store so you can make this syrup your family is sure to love.

  • apple juice
  • brown sugar
  • cinnamon
  • nutmeg

Plate with apple juice, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg

What kind of apple juice should I use?

The apple juice in this recipe is just your everyday ordinary apple juice.  You don’t need any special kind of apple juice to make the syrup.  However, if you want to add something extra, apple cider or an unfiltered apple juice would be amazing and add a bit more fruity flavor.

What kind of cinnamon should I use?

Cinnamon comes from the inner bark of a tree.  Because it’s made of bark it won’t dissolve in the syrup.  There are two kinds of cinnamon – cassia and Ceylon, but either of them will work in this recipe.

What kind of sugar should I use?

The recipe calls for brown sugar.  Brown sugar is just regular white sugar that has some molasses added.  A dark brown sugar has more molasses.  The addition of molasses adds a depth of flavor that is delicious in this syrup.  If you don’t have any brown sugar on hand you can add a tablespoon of molasses to the recipe and it will taste just the same.

Pouring apple cinnamon syrup from a mason jar with an Ergo Spout

What can I use Apple Cinnamon Syrup for?

This apple cinnamon syrup is tasty on basic buttermilk pancakes, but would also be delicious on a pumpkin pancake or a cornmeal waffle.  Try sautéing some chopped apples in butter and adding it to the syrup for an impressive topping for ice cream or cake.  Apple cinnamon syrup also makes a great glaze for baked ham.  However you use it, we’re sure you will love it.  Just make sure to pour it from a mason jar with your Ergo Spout®.


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