Ergo Spout® and Mason Jars Make Your Summer BBQ Easy

Ergo Spout® and Mason Jars Make Your Summer BBQ Easy

August 12, 2019

Ergo Spout® and Mason Jars Make Your Summer BBQ Easy

As summer blazes on, you’re likely looking for a fun way to take your mind off the blistering heat. The kids are soon to be back in school, and the winter months always seem to set in sooner than expected. If you’re like us, then you’re thinking about having a summer BBQ to take your mind off things. There’s nothing like good conversation with friends and family to enjoy your summer weekends.

The Ergo Spout® is a Summer BBQ Game Changer!

Culinesco® is happy to inform you our product, the Ergo Spout®, has you covered! The Ergo Spout® helps you serve up the perfect summer BBQ experience as the most versatile mason jar accessory available. Our multi-purpose serving piece fits regular mouth mason jars and comes in four fun color choices. Let us show you how the Ergo Spout® can be your next party trick!


A refreshing beverage

It’s hot out there, so your guests will be happy to start off with a cold beverage. Nothings says summer BBQ like a fresh pitcher of cold lemonade! Luckily, you’ll already have some ready in one easy-to-pour system. You can even use this simple recipe as a delicious and refreshing crowd pleaser. The Ergo Spout’s® flip-top cover and ergonomic handle allow for controlled pouring for adults and children of all ages. We recommend using half gallon size mason jars for increased volume. Don’t worry! The Ergo Spout® is strong enough to handle the extra weight of larger jars.


The perfect condiment

A light salad is often one of the first dishes served as appetites increase. Your guests will want to dress their salads how they like, so you’ll need a controllable pour spout. The Ergo Spout® works perfectly with pint size mason jars as a fun, classy way to serve your favorite salad dressing. Our spout is designed for reduced dripping, and the sealed gasket prevents contents from leaking. If you’re feeling creative, then you can try this classic homemade ranch salad dressing during your next summer BBQ.


Star of the show

Let’s not forget the star of the show – barbecue sauce! After all, you can’t have a proper summer BBQ without the savory, delectable goodness. We know you’ll have an amazing sauce, so your guests will go through lots of it. We recommend a typical quart size mason jar be paired with the Ergo Spout® for a comfortable serving experience. Your guest won’t want cold barbecue sauce, so we made sure the Ergo Spout® can withstand being heated to any temperature below 220˚F. Because it’s BPA and phthalates free, you can also be sure there won’t be any harmful chemicals leaking into your food. Finally, the Ergo Spout’s® rubber molded handle will keep your guest’s sauce-covered fingers from losing their grip!


End on a sweet note

Sometimes, you just have to end your meal the right way and cap it off with a sweet note. Ice cream is a great way to keep people cool and smiling as the evening comes to a close. Everyone loves a good helping of chocolate syrup, so you’ll need a fun way to serve that up as well. Luckily, the Ergo Spout’s® wide mouth spout allows high viscosity syrups to pour just as easily as any other liquid. You can even store the mason jar and Ergo Spout® together in the fridge to keep the contents cold!

Serve up a good time

There will be a lot of activity at your summer BBQ to include children picking up and pouring everything within arm’s reach. Great news! Thanks to the Ergo Spout®, you can now trust kids to pour their own drinks and condiments themselves with worrying about drips, spills, and dropped containers. Since the Ergo Spout® is not a single use plastic and is dishwasher safe, you can spend less time serving and cleaning, and more time socializing in the relaxing summer sunsets.

The Ergo Spout® is the only kitchenware that can cover all your serving needs to make your summer BBQ a success! Its multi-purpose design allows contents of all types to pass through the spout with ease. When others seek refuge in the shade of their homes, you’ll be the life of the party with your Ergo Spout®! Whether it’s for a classy or whimsical occasion, the Ergo Spout® has you covered for all your mason jar serving needs.

Get an Ergo Spout® for your next summer BBQ!

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