How To Evenly Spread Melted Butter On Popcorn with the Ergo Spout® MIN

How To Evenly Spread Melted Butter On Popcorn with the Ergo Spout® MINI

January 31, 2022

How To Evenly Spread Melted Butter On Popcorn with the Ergo Spout® MINI

Popcorn has got to be the world’s favorite snack. From movie theaters, sleepovers, to street food vendors - popcorn is found all over and everyone has their favorite way of making it.

For us, the best is buttered popcorn and there is no better way to make it than using an Ergo Spout® Mini. The Mini allows you to evenly distribute the liquid gold butter to make sure that each bite is as buttery and good as the next.

Here are our best tips for making the most delicious popcorn.

Popcorn in blue bowl

What Kind of Popcorn To Use

Did you know there are different kinds of popcorn? Most people don’t! There are two main kinds of popcorn - butterfly (sometimes referred to as snowflake) and mushroom popcorn.

Mushroom popcorn has a larger surface area and for that reason is best suited for heavier coatings and flavorings like caramel or cheese. This broader, rounder popped corn is less likely to lose crunchiness once coated.

Mushroom Popcorn vs Butterfly Popcorn

Butterfly or snowflake popcorn is the classic type of popcorn you find at cinemas and kitchens across the world. Each piece is like a little bubble with two flaring wings on either side. This shape is built for a light coating of salt and a drizzle of butter - making it the perfect kind of corn to use for the steps to follow!

What Kind of Butter To Use

The great conundrum: to use salted or unsalted popcorn? The short answer is to use unsalted butter. If you use salted butter and add salt afterwards, it can taste too salty.  However, if you don't want to add additional salt, then salted butter works just as well.

Ergo Spout® Mini pouring melted butter on popcorn

Making Buttered Popcorn With The Ergo Spout® Mini

We did a lot of testing when we developed the Ergo Spout® Mini -- affectionally just called "the Mini".  It was a difficult job that involved making and eating a lot of buttered popcorn.  We wanted to make the perfect sized hole so that the melted butter was evenly distributed across each kernel.  We're proud to say that we found the right one and now everyone can have perfectly buttered popcorn.

Below are the steps we use to make our popcorn at home.  One thing to note: the heat of the butter can cause it to pressurize a bit in the jar.  This will create a stream of butter when it comes out of the spout of the Mini.  This is normal and can also help spread the butter.

  1. Place your unsalted butter in a regular mouth mason jar.
  2. Melt in your microwave until just melted. If you over heat the butter, the milk solids can separate. It’s best to melt until almost all of it is melted and just stir it with a spoon or swirl the jar until it’s all liquid.
  3. Place your Mini on your mason jar and secure with a regular metal band.
  4. Drizzle all over your popcorn, giving the bowl a little toss every now and then to ensure it’s equally coated.
  5. Enjoy!

How To Season Your Popcorn

This is where the fun and creativity starts because really the choices are endless. The most common is plain salt, and if you’re making for a crowd, this is a safe choice. If you’re feeling adventurous you could try any of the following:

  • Taco seasoning - just dust with your favorite store bought taco seasoning
  • Gingerbread seasoning - this is great for the holidays. Simply mix a small amount of ground ginger, ground gloves, cinnamon and a dash of powdered sugar.
  • Ranch seasoning - this one is made by combining dried dill, chives, garlic and onion powder as well as some salt
  • Cocount curry - yes, this is one is a surprise but you’ll be so glad you tried it! Mix a teaspoon of curry powder with about a tablespoon of dried desiccated coconut. The sweet, salty and spicy combination is delicious.

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