Naturally Sweetened Raspberry Vinaigrette

Naturally Sweetened Raspberry Vinaigrette

April 16, 2022

Naturally Sweetened Raspberry Vinaigrette

To celebrate the launch of our Wide Mouth Ergo Spout®, we have a new recipe for you! Our Raspberry Vinaigrette in a Wide Mouth Mason Jar is a light and fruity vinaigrette that can be used as a salad dressing, marinade, and so much more.

You’re going to love this dressing recipe, and it’ll become your new go-to. It’s perfect for spring and summer because of its sweet flavor profile and light body, but we have a feeling you’ll be craving it year-round. Here’s all you need to know about this delicious raspberry vinaigrette: 

Person in kitchen placing ingredients in a mason jar

Ingredient Notes

This raspberry vinaigrette recipe uses just a few ingredients, making it cost-effective and healthy. Here’s the list:

  • Raspberries: For a raspberry vinaigrette, you of course need raspberries. It’s best to use fresh, but you can use frozen, too.
  • Garlic: A clove of garlic really brightens this salad dressing and adds a depth of flavor. Its addition makes it pair well with savory dishes, too. If you are out of fresh garlic, feel free to use minced instead, or even a shallot if that’s all you have on hand.
  • Olive oil: Every vinaigrette recipe requires oil and vinegar. For this one, we use standard olive oil, but it’s always acceptable to mix things up in the kitchen, especially if you are running low on something in your pantry. Extra virgin olive oil will suffice, as well avocado oil.
  • Apple cider vinegar: We use apple cider vinegar in this raspberry vinaigrette because it’s fruity and packs a punch without being too sharp. 
  • Salt: Adding half a teaspoon of salt balances out any bitterness in the recipe. If you’re looking for a low sodium option, search for a sodium-free salt at the grocery store or online. You want to avoid omitting this ingredient.
Person in kitchen using immersion blender to blend dressing

Equipment Notes 

You’re going to need some special equipment to make this recipe:

    • Wide mouth mason jar: Wide mouth mason jars are perfect for making your own salad dressing. Because of their wide mouth, it’s easy to pour ingredients directly into the jar, and it fits the tools that you need to stir the dressing. Since it’s a glass jar, it’s the best way to store a homemade salad dressing as it closely mimics a store-bought jar.
    • Immersion blender: An immersion blender is vital to this recipe because it quickly, easily, and thoroughly mixes the ingredients. If you’re unfamiliar with an immersion blender, it’s a long stick with blades on the bottom that you operate by hand. For this recipe, you’ll stick the immersion blender directly into the jar to blend the dressing. It’s a step that cannot be skipped.
    • Ergo Spout Wide Mouth: You’ll also need your Ergo Spout Wide Mouth to screw on top of your mason jar and serve the dressing. The spout makes it easy to pour over salads, proteins, or into a bag to marinate.

Recipe Tips 

      • Pay close attention to the oil-to-vinegar ratio, and be sure to measure the ingredients carefully so the flavors are balanced.
      • When using the immersion blender, be sure to press it into the jar amidst the ingredients to begin blending. This will ensure the vinaigrette is properly mixed and prevent it from splattering.
      • Taste before you serve! This will help you gauge whether you need to adjust the flavors a bit. This is especially important if you substitute any ingredients.


Can I use a different vinegar? 

If necessary, you can use a different choice than apple cider vinegar. If you do use a different vinegar, though, make sure you use something sweet, like rice vinegar or balsamic vinegar.

What kind of oil should I use? 

Use what you have on hand for oil. As mentioned, you can use standard olive oil, extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, or any other substitution that you like. Note that some oils can change the flavor, but if you are okay with that, about any type will do.

Can I add sugar? 

You may want to sweeten the salad dressing up a bit. If so, you can add sugar, but it is not the best sweetener choice for raspberry vinaigrette. A liquid sweetener like honey or agave will sweeten the recipe while still blending well and not affecting the texture. Sugar will make it a bit gritty.

How do I blend? 

The best way to blend this salad dressing is by using an immersion blender in a wide mouth mason jar. However, if you do not have an immersion blender, you can use a standard blender. 

You will want to pour the raspberry vinaigrette back into the wide mouth mason jar to serve, though, because the Wide Mouth Ergo Spout is the best tool for serving the dressing.

Salad in bowl and mason jar with dressing and Ergo Spout for pouring

Serving Tips 

Serve your raspberry vinaigrette from a wide mouth mason jar using the Wide Mouth Ergo Spout. The spout will give you control and keep from making a mess. 

If you are serving guests, or even just your family, keep the jar and spout on the table so they can easily add more dressing if they’d like.

We love this vinaigrette on a fruity and crunchy salad. Top a bag of mixed greens with raspberries, mandarin oranges, toasted chopped pecans, and grilled chicken breast. Pour the raspberry vinaigrette and toss. You’ll love this bright salad as a full meal on days where it’s too hot to cook on the stovetop.

This raspberry vinaigrette is versatile and the options for salads are unlimited. It would also taste fabulous on a savory salad. Toss spinach, quinoa, chopped red peppers, and salmon with the dressing for a savory twist.

Finally, don’t be afraid to make a sweet protein. You can marinate chicken or salmon in this vinaigrette and grill for a bright, lean meal. Make sure to set some aside to pour over the top when it’s finished.

No matter how you use this raspberry vinaigrette, you’re going to love it. And by using your Wide Mouth Ergo Spout®, you’ll love it even more thanks to its ease of use. Let us know what you think of the salad dressing and the spout!


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