Transform Vintage Mason Jars with the Ergo Spout®

Transform Vintage Mason Jars with the Ergo Spout®

August 22, 2019

Blue mason jars with ergo spout - mason jar spout and handles

Restore the life of your vintage mason jar collection with the Ergo Spout®

In a world filled with memories of canning days past, Culinesco’s Ergo Spout® brings vintage mason jars back to life! Made to endure the test of time with century proof soda-lime glass construction, the mason jar was first patented in 1858 by a man named John Landis Mason.

After 161 years of great food history, the Ergo Spout® is here to help you rekindle the mason jar glory days. The Ergo Spout® is capable of turning any vintage mason jar with a regular mouth (2.75” diameter) into a unique serving piece your friends and family will love to use.

The Ergo Spout® makes a perfect accessory for mason jar enthusiasts! It will help you and loved ones bring new life to the vintage mason jars tucked away in forgotten places. It’s a fun fusion between classic charm and contemporary utility.  However, you’ll need to know which jars will fit the Ergo Spout®. Follow along to learn which vintage mason jars you can pair with your favorite serving piece.

Ball Blue Mason Jars

3 blue mason jars with blue Ergo Spouts - mason jar spout and handle

Nothing says vintage mason jar like the classic blue Ball jars. These old school standards have been around for decades and are familiar to many collectors. As one of the most prolific manufacturers of mason jars, Ball made itself a household name throughout America in the twentieth century. Their vintage mason jars can be found in 16 , 32, and 64 ounce capacities.  These sizes are also known as the pint, quart and half-gallon.



 Vintage Regular Mouth Half-Gallon Jars

Vintage Half Gallon Jars with Ergo Spouts - spout and handle for mason jarSpeaking of larger capacities, you’ll want to keep an eye out for those half-gallon jars. Many manufacturers made their own version, some of the more common brands being Ball, Kerr and Drey. Capable of fulfilling the serving requirements of large gatherings, 64 ounce regular mouth mason jars work perfectly with the Ergo Spout®! In fact, the Ergo Spout® might just make half-gallon mason jars your new pride and joy. With the larger volume, you’ll never run out of your most popular beverages, sauces, and syrups.


Speas U-Savit Jar with Spout and Handle

In 1888, John W. Speas and two partners purchased Monarch Vinegar Works in Kansas City, Missouri. They changed the company name to Speas Vinegar Co. By the time Victor Speas, John’s son, took ownership of the company, it was the largest vinegar manufacturer in the United States. Their jars are distinguished and easily recognized by the company’s trademark, “U-Savit”. Folks lucky enough to find a U-Savit jar, can fill them with something a little sweeter than vinegar.

Miscellaneous Vintage Mason Jars

vintage quilted and waffle jars with the Ergo Spout - mason jar spout and handleFinally, the mason jar’s simple design means dozens of manufacturers stayed true to the original dimensions. Therefore, the Ergo Spout® can fit any number of miscellaneous vintage mason jars. With so many brands and off-shoot designs, it can be difficult to list them all. However, the main constraint is the mason jar must have the regular size mouth.

We recommend keeping an eye out for the waffle and quilted mason jars. According to a sweet elderly lady we met, they were peanut butter jars! --a familiar item from her childhood. The sleek lines of the Ergo Spout® contrast with the crisp, cross-hatched patterns of the waffle and quilted pattern jars.

Vintage inspired Jars by Ball

Ball brand vintage inspired jars in purple and blue with Ergo Spouts on top - mason jar spout and handleBall mason jars of past and present are common and easy to find. Ball quickly became synonymous with mason jars throughout the American middle class. As a result, Ball now offers an assortment of vintage inspired mason jars in various colors and capacities, which are often limited editions. Ball’s vintage inspired mason jars combine classic styling with modern practicality – two things the Ergo Spout® can accentuate.

Past, Present, & Future

With its simplistic design, mason jars have long since established themselves as a timeless tool for more utilitarian folks. However, that same simplistic elegance helps even the most inexperienced crafters repurpose them into a variety of decorations and creative uses.

With the Ergo Spout®, your pride and joy vintage mason jar collection will get a new outlook on life. The Ergo Spout® blends past and present into a fun, functional, and classy serving piece your family will enjoy for years to come! 

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