What People are Saying about the Ergo Spout® WIDE

What People are Saying about the Ergo Spout® WIDE

March 19, 2022

What People are Saying about the Ergo Spout® WIDE

We asked some of our favorite food bloggers and instagrammers to give us their honest feedback about the new Ergo Spout® WIDE.  The results were universally positive!  Check out what they had to say below.  

Rebecca - DevourDinner.com

After hearing about the Wide Mouth Ergo Spout for so long, I finally got my hands on one and I'm super excited about it.  I've been a long time user of the original Ergo Spout and love to use it.  The new design is fun.  The smaller hole for pouring had me concerned at first but after giving it a good test with a variety of sauces, syrups and even gravy I LOVE IT!  The hole is a perfect size to pour anything from but not so big that it spills out everywhere.
The handle fits nicely in the palm of my hand to pour larger quart or even half gallon jars which can get heavy.  And the nice rubber plug makes sure there is no spilling should the jar get tipped over.  Brilliant!
I truly put this product to the test when I filled it with syrup and handed it to a young neighbor boy.  He was able to pour without flooding his waffle with an abundance of extra syrup.  The proud grin on his face said it all.  He was thrilled!
Ergo Spout is a fantastic solution making any size mason jar instantly turn into an easy to use pourable spout.  Thanks for making a great product.  

Charity – @House on Louise Meadow

I’m obsessed with this new wide mouth Ergo Spout accessory.  It’s great with juice, syrup, pancake batter and gravy.  The hole is just the right size for the perfect pour.

Christin – @Keeping It Real Homemaker

As a mom of small kids and not wanting to take up much room in my kitchen, this is the perfect space saving device!  I love the flexibility for pouring a variety of things.  Syrup, homemade dressing, or even as a pitcher.  Bonus, you get to support a small business.  This homemaker highly recommends the Ergo Spout Wide Mouth.

Charlotte – CharlotteShares.com

I am in love with the new wide mouth Ergo Spout.  Works perfectly for my blended salsas!  Can’t wait to try it out on gravy, drinks, and more!

Britt – SurroundingsMarket.com

I love my new Wide Mouth Ergo Spout!  It makes serving salad dressings and gravy in a mason jar beautiful and mess-free.  I love that with the lid any leftover dressings can be sealed and stored in the fridge ready for the next time I want to serve them.  Such a clever and useful design!

Melyssa – @Melyssa_Saves

The new wide mouth Ergo Spout is one of my all time favorite kitchen gadgets.  Cleans easy, it’s practical, and the new stopper top design prevents spills and keeps everything inside super fresh!  I simply adore it’s beautiful and simple design.  Great for juice, syrups, dressing, gravy – just about everything.

Donnalyn – @daisiestodecor

I absolutely love the new wide mouth spout from Ergo Spout.  It’s perfect for pouring thicker liquids.  I think it’s also perfect for camping.  You can mix up everything, put the lids back on and when you get there you can use the spout to pour it onto your griddle.

Joleen - @therefininghome

The spout is perfect for syrups, purees, thin sauces and dressings.  We love that the top has a stopper which keeps the contents from spilling if the jar accidentally gets knocked over.  Especially helpful for storage in the refrigerator.  The spout helps keep the contents from spiling over the edges when pouring into a smaller container as well.  This is my new favorite lid/topper for mason jars.

 We hope you love the Ergo Spout® WIDE too!

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