Ergo Spout® WIDE vs. Ergo Spout® REGULAR: What's the Difference?

Ergo Spout® WIDE vs. Ergo Spout® REGULAR: What's the Difference?

February 21, 2022 3 Comments

Ergo Spout® WIDE vs. Ergo Spout® REGULAR: What's the Difference?

We are so excited to welcome the Ergo Spout® Wide to our family of products.  A wide mouth version of our popular mason jar spout has been in the works for a long time and we're excited that it's finally here!

It will be available for preorder through Kickstarter in March 2022.

You might be wondering, how does the wide mouth version stack up to the original?  Let's break down the similarities and differences.  What you'll find is that both our mason jars spouts add a lot of functionality to your kitchen and making pouring from your favorite jars a breeze.

Infographic showing differences and similarities of the wide mouth and regular mouth Ergo Spout


The original Ergo Spout® for regular mouth mason jars is well loved, and not without reason.  In designing a wide mouth version we made sure to retain some of the most popular features and add some new ones that you are sure to enjoy.

Ergonomic Handle & Comfortable Grip

Side by side of regular mouth and wide mouth spout - Handle

First off, the new Ergo Spout® Wide, like the original, is a lid for your mason jars with a convenient ergonomic handle designed to make pouring both comfortable and beautiful.

The comfortable grip has a non-slip overmold that feels good to the touch and provides stability when lifting a jar.  The handle is also is engineered to be sturdy enough to lift large jars that are full of liquid.  The handle means you don't need to grab a jar when it's wet with condensation or when it's full of hot liquids.

Whether you use a small pint mason jar or a large half gallon, both the regular mouth and the wide mouth Ergo Spout® is going to provide an unmatched experience.

Leak Proof Gasket

Side by side of regular mouth and wide mouth Ergo Spout® - Gasket

Both sizes of the spout have a gasket that sits underneath the base and against the rim of the mason jar.  The gasket prevents leaks down the side of the jar when pouring.  Both gaskets are easy to remove.  We currently provide replacement gaskets for the regular mouth Ergo Spout® and plan to do the same for the wide mouth version. 

Dishwasher Safe

Side by side of regular mouth and wide mouth Ergo Spout® - Dishwasher

Like you, we have busy lives and like clean up to be easy.  That's why both versions of the Ergo Spout® are dishwasher safe on the top rack.  For more info on taking the regular mouth version apart for washing you can visit our post on getting started with your Ergo Spout®.

Most notably, both the Regular Mouth and the Wide Mouth versions of the Ergo Spout® are a beautiful addition to your kitchen and a wonderful way to make the most of your mason jars.


There are a few differences between the two sizes of Ergo Spout®.  Each change is designed to provide additional functionality so that they can each perform unique kitchen tasks while also having a variety of use case scenarios.

Jar Size

Of course the most obvious difference is in the size of mason jar that each spout fits.  

The diameter of a regular mouth mason jar is 2 38 inches (60 mm) measured on the inside of the opening and 2 34 inches (70 mm) measured on the outside of the jar.  A wide mouth mason jar is 3 inches (76 mm) measured on the inside of the opening and 3 38 inches (86 mm) measured on the outside of the jar.

Many people have both sizes in their kitchen and other have a preference for just one size.  We love that we will now have a spout that is available regardless of the size of mason jars you use.

The Lid

The new Ergo Spout® Wide has a completely redesigned lid.  The removable silicone lid plugs the opening and creates an air-tight seal, ideal for longer term storage.  Contrast this with the Regular Mouth Ergo Spout® which has a flip top lid that offers better control when pouring.

The Opening

Side by side image of regular mouth and wide mouth Ergo Spout - Opening

The two sizes of mason jar spouts have different sizes of opening.  Ironically, the larger spout has a smaller opening!  The larger opening of the regular mouth Ergo Spout® allows for thicker liquids such as creamy salad dressing or gravies.  The Ergo Spout® Wide has an opening that has been optimized to control the flow of liquids for a smooth pouring experience, which is ideal for thinner liquids and beverages.

Another nice feature of the wide mouth version is the roof slopes towards the opening to minimize pooling and direct the contents back into the jar.

We Love Them Both!

All of these careful differences in the newly designed Wide Mouth Ergo Spout® culminate in a mason jar spout perfectly adapted for beverages and drinks.  This is especially true when those large half gallon jars can be easily transformed into a standard two quart pitcher.  An essential companion is the Regular Mouth Ergo Spout®, ideal for serving syrups and salad dressings when pouring control is necessary. 

Whether you opt for the wide mouth version or the regular mouth version, the Ergo Spout® is a versatile kitchen tool bringing utility and beautiful design to your mason jars and your home. 


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March 05, 2022

Bring them on! I’m looking forward to the wide mouth version. I enjoy the regular mouths so much. Can’t wait to serve lemonade from a 1/2 gallon jar in the summer time.

Barbara McNeely
Barbara McNeely

March 05, 2022

I will be ordering the wide mouth as soon as it’s available. Can’t wait.


February 21, 2022

I am so excited about the new lid. I absolutely cannot wait.

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